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Environmental Issues at Marshall's Yard

Environmental Issues at Marshall's Yard


  1. Make efficient use of energy consumed
  2. Minimising waste going to landfill site
  3. Maximising waste segregation
  4. Recycling and supporting the local community

Marshall's Yard's Green Initiatives

  • Water from the 81 jet fountain at Marshall's Yard is recirculated after being treated and purified. Water saving devices are fitted into the toilets in the office buildings.
  • There is an on-site recycling facility at Marshall's Yard making recycling more efficient. In the first six months of Marshall's Yard opening 13 tonnes of cardboard was recycled the saving is passed on to the retailers through service charge reductions.
  • Marshalls Yard works closely with the local community supporting local initiatives. Local Groups and Charities are invited to perform or fundraise at the centre. Marshall's Yard is a member of Shopwatch and Gainsborough in Bloom.
  • The newest building at Marshall's Yard, the West Lindsey District Council Guildhall, has been fitted with solar panels and intuitive lighting systems with additional energy and water saving systems designed in.

Marshall's Yard is constantly reviewing and improving its recycling facilities.