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Charities and Community

Charities and Community


Our Adopted Charity

Marshall’s Yard is supporting two charities this year the first being the palliative care unit within the Scotter Ward at John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough and the second being Gainsborough’s Salvation Army – both charities make an enormous contribution towards the wellbeing of people living in Gainsborough.

Scotter Ward Palliative Care Unit

The funds raised well help towards refurbishing the palliative care suite in order to make it more homely for patients and relatives to help their journey be more comfortable.

Gainsborough Salvation Army

The funds raised will help towards the great work the Salvation Army carry out improving lives of those in poverty.


Working with the Community

Ever since Marshall's Yard was first put onto the drawing board, we have worked together with the local community and encouraged local groups to be a part of the development.

We enjoy working with local schools and community groups to provide fundraising activities and entertainment on the centre. Musical performances from Queen Elizabeth High School, dance performances from Tracy Everett Fox School of Dance and The Studio are just some examples of the kind of things we can do at the centre.

Charities also regularly visit the centre in order to raise money for their causes: Gainsborough Salvation Army, The Greyhound Trust, the MS Society, Sunbeam Owls East Midlands and McMillan Cancer Research are just some of the charities who regularly visit the centre in order to fundraise for their cause. We work in partnership with key stakeholders working towards the good of Gainsborough such as Gainsborough Town Council, Gainsborough in Bloom and Friends Of The Brigg & Lincoln Lines rail group and Northern Rail to promote rail travel to Gainsborough Central Station and a future improved rail service. If you would like to learn more about the possible fund raising events that can be held at the centre, please contact Alison Hall on 01427 810706 or via email at